We will operate with transparency whenever and wherever possible.

Our mission is not served by being anything less than forthright with our students, our faculty and staff, our community.

Honesty is not merely the “best” policy —for us it is the only policy.


Regardless of whom we deal with, we will set our expectations up-front and hold ourselves accountable for meeting them.

Our students will understand the realities of undertaking an education with us, from the evaluation of their work inside and outside the classroom while enrolled to securing employment when they graduate.

Our employees will have a clear understanding of what is expected of them both professionally as well as personally.

Our leaders will constantly work to improve this communication and enable students and employees to exceed expectations.


When we act selflessly in service to our students and our community, we all benefit.

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and we seek to be that rising tide.

Through our sincere commitment to community partnership, we will be regarded as a positive force for change.

We employ those who are not focused solely on financial gain, but who view educating others as a reward in-and-of itself.


We recognize that we operate in a state of perpetual flux — both from the standpoint of the larger media arts industry and from our understanding of educating the human mind. Knowing this, we can only remain relevant when we are constantly pacing ourselves with innovation. All of our employees from the top-down must recognize and embrace the fluid nature of both the media arts industry and our understanding of instruction, and as such must always be prepared to act in a revolutionary manner. Practically, this means:

  • We never teach the same course the same way twice — neither in terms of content nor in terms of procedures.
  • We embrace technology as a tool for instruction. Whenever and wherever technology can be feasibly and successfully implemented, we will always do so.
  • We are always educating ourselves and we never fall into the trap of believing that we already know everything about a given topic. As educators, we are lifelong learners.
  • We support an environment that favors collaboration and is utterly devoid of territorialism. Instructors are expected to collaborate projects across multiple classes or with multiple community partners. Expertise is shared across disciplines through the access to all an instructor’s resources.
  • We view everything through the lens of experiential learning. Because we believe there simply is no substitute for learning-by-doing, we constantly seek to engage others through active, practical involvement.