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Dover High Junior Max Beal is 2018 Instaband Winner

More than 250 people gathered at the sold out King Avenue 5 Feb. 23 to hear Ohio’s top 10 high school bands compete for the 2018 Instaband grand championship. But it was a one-man band that really made some noise.

Primary Catalyst

There seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to post-high school education: your traditional four-year university and shorter-term educational institutions that focus on a specific field or trade (ITT for example).

The Beat: Random Notes

Earlier this year, The Beat served as a judge for one of three semifinal rounds of Groove U’s Instaband Battle of the Bands. 

GROOVE U: Music That Works

Wires hang down from the ceiling in the darkened old lunchroom at the former Fifth Avenue Alternative Elementary School, but there’s an irrepressible spirit of enterprise in the new leaseholder.