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How One Bold Entrepreneur Is Disrupting Music Industry Career Education

If you want to become a lawyer, you go to law school. And if you want to be a doctor, it's medical school. How about if you want to be a music industry professional? That was the question Dwight Heckelman grappled with for years during his own successful career in the music industry.

“College Is Often A Poor Investment,”

It’s 2015 and the Titanic that is our higher education system is about to hit the iceberg. While the impending collision has been well-known for quite some time, only recently have students and parents begun asking the important question, “What is the return on investment of my education?”

GROOVE U Makes Music with PALS

GROOVE U Helps Pals Chrysalis Health Company Participants Take Lyrics From Pen and Paper to the Recording Studio.

NBC4 feat. 2015 Instaband at GROOVE U

NBC entertainment reporter Monica Day speaks with GROOVE U Founder/Director Dwight D. Heckelman and last year's Instaband winner, Underground Magic, about the 2015 Instaband Central Ohio High School Battle of the Bands.

GROOVE U Graduates Inaugural Class

With a two year, full-time course load, two internships, two trips to South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Conference & Festival, one record label and countless community projects, GROOVE U’s inaugural class is well poised to launch their careers in the music industry.

Finding Their Groove

Dwight Heckelman couldn’t find the music school he’d wanted to attend, so he opened one in Columbus.

Winners of GROOVE U's Instaband Recognized

The dust has settled from the March 1, 2013 Instaband high school battle of the bands competition, but winning band A F(r)iend in Me, has been hard at work ever since.