Press Release

April 5, 2018

Students Use Columbus Music Scene as Classroom

Dublin, Ohio (April 28, 2018) - Over the past six months GROOVE U students have interviewed artists, venue owners, booking agents, audio engineers, and a wide array of industry professionals who call Columbus home. Their goal: to collaboratively tell the story about this DIY music city and those who make it both their home and a music destination.

“Columbus has this kinda constant chip on its shoulder, which makes it amazing,” said Joey Gurwin of Oranjudio Studios.

The film is produced start to finish by second year students as part of their finale capstone project. It includes exclusive interviews with band members of Mojo Flo, Doc Robinson, CAMMP, and many more as well as original music recorded in GROOVE U’s studio by the artists featured in the film.  It will be released on the student-run record label, Elementary Records on Saturday April 28th, at 4PM at the Gateway Theatre. 

“During the making of this documentary, I have met and discovered so many fantastic bands that I didn't know about and have really seen how large our music scene is,” said Michael Aylor, a second year student at GROOVE U.

As Columbus continues to top “The Best Of” charts, the city and its talent has began to receive national attention. While the documentary only scratches the surface, it discusses the triumphs and challenges of the Columbus music scene, including where it has been and where it’s headed.

For a preview of the film, or to attend the premier on April 28th, contact Sarah Hudson at