Press Release

March 31, 2017

Creative Campus Relocates to World-class Recording Studio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 31, 2017) - “To improve is to change. To perfect is to change often,” said GROOVE U’s Founder and Director, Dwight Heckelman quoting Winston Churchill to a full room of prospective students and community members Wednesday afternoon. 

“So let’s be perfect.”

During a campus visit day, GROOVE U proudly announced the news behind the Level Up strive-for-perfection campaign which had been teased on social media for the past three weeks.  The music entrepreneurship program, currently housed in a former Columbus City Schools building in the Short North will relocate its campus to a class-leading recording studio currently operating as Circa Music.  Fall classes will take place on the new campus in Dublin.

“It’s not a studio inside of a classroom, it’s a classroom inside of a $1 million dollar studio.” said Heckelman. “We’ve seen an increased interest in the audio production track among our students. When the unique opportunity arose to lease this unparalleled facility, we felt it was in our students’ best interests to seize that opportunity and offer them a truly cutting-edge work and learning environment.”

The new campus is located within walking distance from Tuttle Mall, and is owned and operated by award-winning composer Allen Dicenzo. It was designed in 1998 by world-renown acoustic design-firm Pilchner-Schoustal International and constructed at a cost of over $300 per square foot. 

The facility is unique not only because of its design but also because of its size; it’s a one of a kind studio that can accommodate both production and classroom space, in addition to a student lounge, conference room and offices.

“There is no studio in the entire Midwest designed to the level of Circa. The fact that this studio can be used for education is a great thing,” said Dicenzo. “No one is building studios like Circa today, because it just doesn’t make economic sense in these times. GROOVE U has a huge leg up on any other higher education program, because its highly doubtful any other higher education program could have such a space.” 

The 5,000 square foot campus features two (2) control rooms with eight (8) inches of poured concrete and five (5) separate foundations to ensure sound isolation. There is over five (5) miles of Mogami cabling throughout the building, and 3 1/2 inches of glass separating the control room from the live room. The studio floor also features a separate Foley pit assembly which is 30" deep and weighs over 12 tons. 

"The facility draws heavily on the use of natural materials such as woods and stone to create an organic atmosphere comfortable for long hours of use. The departure point for the design stems from a philosophical position that studio space should fuel creativity and not be derived solely from technical dogma and equipment requirements. As such the design emphasis is placed upon the comfort of the user balanced with, and not subservient to, the technological integration,” said Martin Pilchner, Director at Pilchner-Schoustal 

In addition to the facility, the students and staff will enjoy a safer neighborhood and closer proximity to local industry partners including Vaughan Music Studios, and Mills James. 

The curriculum and cost of tuition for the two-year diploma program in music industry entrepreneurship will remain unchanged. Beginning August 1st, the new address will be 5030 Bradenton Avenue, Dublin, OH. The intimate and competitive program can accommodate roughly 60 students total and will cap classes at 15. 

“We’ve always been a quality over quantity institution,” said Sarah Overdier, GROOVE U’s Director of Development. One of the best attributes of GROOVE U’s program is our intimate class sizes, and the personalized attention students receive from faculty and staff.” 

The school has published a 360 virtual tour for prospective students and community members available here