Press Release

April 1, 2015

Winners Receive Prizes at Local High Schools

COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 1, 2015) — Every year students at GROOVE U host Instaband, central Ohio’s premier high school battle of the bands. The winner of the 3rd annual Instaband competition is Plus, a hip hop duo formed by Evan Kovach and Lemuel Worrell. Plus will be receiving a recording contract complete with a studio EP, music video, concert booking and graphic design materials. The duo will also be presented with a guitar by Director of GROOVE U’s revolutionary music industry career program, Dwight Heckelman, at their respective high schools next week. 

Heckelman will be presenting the first guitar to Worrell at Metro High School Wednesday, April 8th at 8:00 AM. Alongside Worrell, April Kulscar from Music Loves Ohio (MLO), will also be presented with a check from Heckelman. MLO is a local educational nonprofit, which was chosen by GROOVE U students as the sole beneficiary of the Instaband proceeds. Kovach will be receiving the second guitar later that week on Friday, April 10th at 9:15 AM at New Albany High School.

“GROOVE U encourages local teens to create original music, and Instaband provides a platform for them to perform on a much larger scale,” said Dwight Heckelman, Director of GROOVE U’s revolutionary music industry career program. “Our students produce Instaband from start to finish, providing real-world, hands-on experience.”

Not only is Instaband a great way to bring local high school bands to light and give the students at GROOVE U some hands-on experience, it aids in connecting GROOVE U to the community. Local music and apparel stores, skate shops, and many other venders are always in attendance at the Instafan Expo, allowing the Instaband attendees to buy their merchandise, try out new musical instruments, and hang out with the bands. 

If you would like to attend either assembly taking place next week at Metro or New Albany High School, please contact Nicole Weiss via email at or calling (614)-291-6122. 


GROOVE U is a revolutionary music industry career program located in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. The two-year program uses a career-centered approach to learning developed by active industry professionals, and is guided by the philosophy that the music industry is creatively engaged, apprenticeship-based and relationship-driven. Classes are small and personalized and offer both broad, foundational knowledge and specialized areas of music study in: production, live, business, video and interactive. With a 4:1 lab:class ratio, students have plenty of hands-on opportunities to hone in their skills. Students can directly plug-in to both the local and global music communities through trips to music conferences, on-campus speakers and two guided internships. 

The school officially opened its 30,000-square foot creative campus in September 2012, and is currently enrolling for Fall 2014. Want to connect with us? Please contact GROOVE U if you have internship opportunities, would like to sponsor a student or want to be considered as a guest speaker. To learn more, schedule a campus tour and one-on-one meeting today.