Press Release

March 6, 2015

GROOVE U Helps Pals Chrysalis Health Company Participants Take Lyrics From Pen and Paper to the Recording Studio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 6, 2015) — Aside from the countless hours students dedicate to perfecting their musical crafts, GROOVE U encourages them to give back to the community through volunteer work. Outstanding senior, Dallin Stevenson, did just that through his collaboration with PALS Chrysalis Health Company on their In Our Own Eyes songwriting, recording, and event project. The partnership was instigated after Stevenson was approached by local musician Vincent Valentino. 

“This experience was incredible. I was dumbfounded by the songwriters and their ability to capture the essence of the lyrics and what they truly meant to their authors,” said Stevenson. “It was really beautiful to be able to put myself in their place for a minute through these songs and see that our mental abilities should not separate us from each other.”

ALS Chrysalis Health, located in Gahanna, Ohio, is an adult day program that provides supports to adults with disabilities. PALS Chrysalis Health offers individuals the opportunities to develop job skills, participate in art, further their education, and learn daily living skills. Additionally, individuals that attend PALS Chrysalis Health participate in a number of recreational events held within the community. PALS Chrysalis Health is dedicated to helping individuals gain self-confidence through accomplishing personal outcomes in creative and unique ways and continues to break the boundaries of supports and opportunities given to people with disabilities.

When Mehri Davis, Director of PALS Art Studio, was asked how the In Our Own Eyes project helped her clients, she replied by saying,

“I think a lot of times people with disabilities don't really get opportunities to do much at all, so my idea was this: instead of just giving them something, let’s give them something great.” She continued, “This project helped a lot of our clients with their self- esteem by being able to feel like they accomplish something through hearing their finished songs. It’s been a really big source of pride for them.”

This project began when the men and women of PALS took pen to paper and started writing down their own song lyrics. When the lyrics were completed, local musicians Valentino, Jason Couto, and PALS Habilitation Specialist, Carly Baird, helped further develop the lyrics and turned them into music by singing and providing the instrumentals for each song. The songs were then tracked and recorded by Stevenson with the help of his two classmates, Aaron Johnson and Joel Blaeser in one of GROOVE U’s state of the art recording studios this past Saturday. Johnson said,

“This project is something I really support. We could not have had easier musicians and songwriters to work with. They were all so positive, relaxed, and talented, which made for a very smooth and awesome day to be apart of. I am looking forward to working with everyone again during our next recording session.”

GROOVE U and PALS will be meeting again Sunday, March 8th to continue recording and collaborating on each of the tracks in the hopes of producing a full album. After the album is recorded, PALS intends to hold a live event to showcase the album this summer.


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