Press Release

April 22, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 22, 2014) — This spring marks the final term for the inaugural class
of students who began GROOVE U’s revolutionary music industry career program in the
fall of 2012. So when it came time to select a senior “finale” project, it had to be epic. The
cohort of six students put the music business and audio production skills they’ve
developed during the past two years to work by launching a record label, and taking a
local artist from obscurity to popularity. GROOVE U is pleased to announce the formation
of Elementary Records, and its first artist, local singer-songwriter, Luke Harris.

The official record label launch and EP release party happen May 2 at 5:00 p.m. at
GROOVE U’s creative campus at 1300 Forsythe Avenue.

“Elementary Records is breaking the mold of traditional record labels by using a model
that offers artists free recording, distribution, promotion and guidance in exchange for a
portion of the profits generated from album sales,” said Dwight Heckelman, GROOVE U
founder and director. “GROOVE U’s share of the profits will go directly toward scholarships
to benefit future students. It’s a win-win for artists and students alike.”

Not only that, the record label provides students with yet another opportunity to deepen
and broaden their knowledge of the music industry by gaining valuable hands-on
experience — one of the philosophies embedded in the fabric of GROOVE U’s program. In
January, students started scouting local talent, and through a series of artist showcases
and demo tracks, narrowed the field to one solo artist.

Luke Harris, 24, was selected based on a variety of factors including his raw talent,
familiarity with recording, cooperative attitude and ability to come prepared to create
great music.

“It’s exciting. I feel like I’m a part of something positive that’s growing in Columbus,” said
Harris, singer-songwriter and first artist to sign with Elementary Records. “This is a first for
me, that is, working collaboratively on a solo project. I hope to get a really good album,
good connections and a lasting relationship with GROOVE U.”

GROOVE U students are wrapping up recording, producing and mixing an EP for Harris
this week. They will also shoot a music video for his first single, and campaign across
dozens of media outlets to promote shows and events leading up to, and following the EP


GROOVE U is a revolutionary music industry career program located in the Short North
Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. The two-year program uses a career-centered approach to
learning developed by active industry professionals, and is guided by the philosophy that
the music industry is creatively engaged, apprenticeship-based and relationshipdriven.
Classes are small and personalized and offer both broad, foundational knowledge
and specialized areas of music study in: production, live, business, video and interactive.
With a 4:1 lab:class ratio, students have plenty of hands-on opportunities to hone in their
skills. Students can directly plug-in to both the local and global music communities
through trips to music conferences, on-campus speakers and two guided internships.
The school officially opened its 30,000-square foot creative campus in September 2012,
and is currently enrolling for Fall 2014. Want to connect with us? Please contact GROOVE
U if you have internship opportunities, would like to sponsor a student or want to be
considered as a guest speaker. To learn more, schedule a campus tour and one-on-one
meeting today.