GROOVE U Program

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GROOVE U Program

Our Program
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Music is serious business,
and business is booming.
Be a part of it.


A Diploma in Music Industry Entrepreneurship

Our State of Ohio approved program. Available to students on a full-time or half-time basis (space permitting); a la carte courses are available only through The After • Work ‣ Shop program.

Areas of Study 


audio production

Move the faders, turn the knobs.
Light-up the meters, mix it up and then remix it.

Master audio in music ‣ production.


music business

Artists want to make money by making music, but they can't do it alone... they need your help.

Be a part of their music ‣ business.


live Sound

Every performance needs to look and sound great and live sound/lighting/install technicians rock it.

The groupies come along with music ‣ live.



Take control of the action with a storyboard, a video camera, lighting, a soundtrack,
and a computer. 

Upload it and go viral with music ‣ video.



Music streams to us from video games, smartphones, and tablets. We are always connected.

You can be the one doing the rewiring through music ‣ interactive.



If knowledge is power, then here is your superpower. Use it to amaze, cause a press frenzy, and possibly foil evil plots.

Forge your own path as a music ‣ independent.


Program Length68 credit hourstypically completed in 2 years with full-time enrollment
typically completed in 4 years with half-time enrollment
Program Timingterm 1.0new students begin only during Fall term
Term Length16 weeks per termx 6 terms
Term Timingterm 1.0 + term 3.0August – December
winter breakDecember – January
term 2.0 + term 4.0January – April
term 2.5 + term 4.5May – August
Courses Per Term6excluding term 2.5 + term 4.5, which are one course each
Course Schedulingterm 1.0 + term 2.0Mon - Thu • 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
term 3.0 + term 4.0Mon - Thu • 2:30 PM - 8:00 PM
term 2.5 + term 4.5arranged with employer

GROOVE U Program for High School Students

For High School Students

GROOVE U Program for High School Students

For High School Students

“Winning [Instaband] gave us a lot of opportunities, including a gig at the Arts Festival, a performance on WCBE’s Live From Studio A, and a music video to name a few. When we were preparing for GROOVE U, we became the band that we are.
— Cousin Simple


Every February, the best high school bands in central Ohio compete to win a recording contract complete with a studio EP, music video, and concert booking support.

Students enrolled in the revolutionary music career program at GROOVE U produce this one-of-a-kind contest through two rounds. From the pool of submissions, judges will select 20 of Ohio's top bands to advance to the Semifinals at GROOVE U. Semifinalists record two original songs in a live studio environment. Audio and video of the semifinal performances is recorded and uploaded to YouTube for industry judge and fan voting. 

The top 10 bands from the semifinal rounds will advance to the Finals and perform in front of a live audience.

Proceeds from the ticket sales benefit a local non-profit and the GROOVE U Scholarship fund. 

Finalists are awarded an Emerging Talent Grant at GROOVE U.


Write • Record ‣ Play

Spend a week at GROOVE U's state-of-the art creative campus and experience the song creation process from start to finish!

Students will learn the tips and tricks of songwriting and produce their hit song using cutting-edge recording gear. At the end of the week, students will apply storyboarding and scriptwriting techniques to their song to film the next viral music video.

This workshop is open to high school students ages 13-19.

No equipment is required for registration.



SkillsUSA is a national organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations.

In Ohio more than 31,500 students and instructors join annually. 

Each spring, SkillsUSA Ohio holds the audio portion of their competition at GROOVE U. First and second place winners are awarded an Emerging Talent Grant at GROOVE U.


GROOVE U Program for Adult Learners

For Adult Learners

GROOVE U Program for Adult Learners

For Adult Learners

The After • Work ‣ Shop

Looking to level up your audio production, live sound, or music business chops, but can’t quit your day job? 

The After • Work ‣ Shop is an eight (8) week course for the current working professional who wants to learn music industry  skills in an intimate, hands-on setting at a convenient evening time.

The course offerings vary and run several times throughout the year.


GROOVE U Program for Transfer Students

For Transfer Students

GROOVE U Program for Transfer Students

For Transfer Students


How to Enroll

Maybe you've tried another college and decided it wasn't the right fit. Or maybe you only recently arrived at the decision that a music industry career was the career for you.

You're not alone — many of our students have successfully transferred to GROOVE U after experiencing other colleges.  Just select the "Get Started" button at the top of the page and we'll walk you through the process.

If you have taken courses at another institution you think might transfer to GROOVE U, we have a process for that, too. Once you have been accepted, you can complete the following process.



Decisions concerning the acceptance of credits earned in any course taken at any institutions of higher learning and/or postsecondary institutions are made at the discretion of the receiving institution. GROOVE U makes no representation, expressed or implied, concerning the transferability of any credits earned while enrolled at GROOVE U to another institution. At present, GROOVE U has no formal articulation in-place with any other institutions of higher learning.

Any student considering continuing his or her education at, or transferring to, any institution must not assume that any credits earned in any course taken at GROOVE U will be accepted by the receiving institution. The student must contact the registrar of the receiving institution to determine what credits earned at GROOVE U, if any, that institution will accept.

Note: an institution’s accreditation does not guarantee credits earned at said institution will be accepted for transfer by any other institution — even when both institutions are accredited by the same accrediting agency.