Highly motivated marketing leader with a music and entertainment background ready to spread City Winery’s brand.  Focusing on all music, culinary, and cultural platforms and demographics, the Marketing Director works with all segments of the City Winery brand exploring new avenues to capture customer data and grow our email database of fans.  The Marketing Director will focus on City Winery’s music driven culture while managing brand messaging in various communication outlets related to our customer and press relationships, while working with all departments. Serving as a representative of the City Winery brand, the Marketing Director will work closely with all media outlets to secure branded opportunities across radio, television, and digital platforms to ensure awareness.


  • Manage all media contacts in music, wine and food channels.  Establish and maintain good standing with key reviewers, bloggers, writers and traditional media tastemakers.  Collaborate with outside PR Agency on press releases and listings to be sent weekly; copy all relevant parties (GM, National and local programmer, DOO & DOH, etc.)  

  • Build and maintain up-to-date media databases with targeted outlet lists in music, food, wine, Jewish, wedding, etc.; keep a current copy on a shareable drive for company access. 

  • Participate in building strong relationships with media through communication and hospitality. 

  • Work all social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. 

  • Identify and develop relationships with VIP journalists by exploring existing contacts and outreach for new ones. 

  • Maintain an undated press kit with input from CEO.  

  • Identify and exploit opportunities for strategic trade-in-kind agreements wherever and whenever possible.

  • Oversee donation/philanthropic requests including gift-giving and auction requests; some requests may require external approval. 

  • Collaborate and meet regularly with the Graphic Designer, Programmer, Event Director, and GM (individually or as a group when necessary) to coordinate all projects and ensure consistent messaging. 

  • Coordinate weekly programming email for VinoFile and main database; obtain final sign off by relevant parties including GM, National and local programmer, etc.

  • Develop audience retention loyalty activities (i.e. VinoFile promotion teasers); execute any new ideas communicated by National Team.

  • Identify all negative reviews on sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. and alert GM for prompt response. 

  • Work with Special & Private Events Teams to help promote when appropriate; collaborate with the teams to create and promote beverage and food-based events.

  • Develop, grow and administer email databases, including audience & prospect information, mailing list applications, etc.

  • Focus on shows that are not selling as well as they ought to, particularly those with high guarantees; work with Programming to strategize opportunities for improvement and connect weekly with relevant parties. 

  • Promote the Artist Wine Program (BOM office manager helps organize upon advancing), winemaking, wine dinners, tours, and other winery highlights that give our facility uniqueness.

  • Conceive, design and create effective and cost-efficient marketing collateral across all departments in coordination with Graphic Designer, including Quarterly Brochure, Insertions, Postcards, Posters, Slide Show, Other Printed Material (created booklets, mailers and in-house marketing materials, etc.). Implement constant and frequent distribution on and off site using a network of interns.

  • Collaborate with Operational Management to ensure all CW retail items are displayed to promote sales and all in-house collateral is up-to-date and displayed in designated areas. 

  • Guide Graphic Designer to keep an updated slide show in service at all times in venue. 

  • Work with GM on any mobile or discount site promotions for F&B.  

  • Oversee City Winery’s electronic marketing efforts including uploading all information to website to keep it active and current.  

  • Update home page and show information with focus on time sensitive shows and events and/or those with large financial investment.   Collect photos and logos to upload to site from Programming or Talent directly. 

  • Create all events in web system using compelling language.

  • Update Facebook page; make additional connections for show promotions and make sure artists are promoting shows on their sites as well. 

  • Tweet about shows, programs, and highlights; create a digital buzz.

  • Drive traffic to our website through external links, including all artists websites, wine event websites, partner websites, etc.

  • Collaborate with all departments on content to create blog posts bi-weekly for homepage. 

How to apply:

Email hotto@citywinery.com and eddie@citywinery.com