The License and Detection Coordinator (the “LDC”) ensures UPPM Music uses are properly licensed; and in the event of infringement, works with legal on settlement details. The LDC will monitor usage detections via platforms such as BMAT and Tunesat to maximize the revenue generated by the collection of performance royalties and settlement of infringements.

Job Functions:

  • Through the monitoring of BMAT detections and CRM licensing, maximize revenue opportunities for the company by working in a coordinated effort with members of UPPM Brands (Killer Tracks, FirstCom, Elias Music) and the UPPM Billing and LegalDepartments to verify and settle infringements.

  • Coordinate and track Tunesat web-crawl infringement settlements globally, working with territory heads around the world to verify proper licensing and open valid infringement cases with vendor.

  • Create licensing reports for third-party providers to file performance claims with performing rights organizations on under-reported usage.

  • Track global issues within our detection platforms, liaising with vendors to ensure tickets are raised and problems and/or improvements are resolved in a timely manner.

  • Keep organized and detailed records on all pending and settled cases.

  • Assist Director of Administration and Operations on contract creation overflow for Killer Tracks and FirstCom Sales teams, as well as client engagement reports.

  • Perform other related job duties as directed by Sr. Management

Job Requirements:

  • Computer skills, including but not limited to an advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, as well asexperience with any CRM Sales platform (e.g. MS Dynamics, SalesForce or Sugar).

  • Attention to detail: strong organizational and time management skills and an ability to work amid distractions and interruptions.

  • Highly developed problem solving and decision-making abilities.

  • Possess good customer service: polite and courteous manner, cooperative attitude and team-oriented.

  • Ability to be flexible, adapt to changing needs/objectives and multitask.

  • Ability to work with very little supervision.


  • Minimum 3 years in an administrative capacity.

  • Music/Entertainment experience a plus.

  • Experience in contract administration/review a plus.


  • University/College Diploma or equivalent.

Universal Music Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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