We’re making a kick-ass film with some really cool people, so we need you to help with marketing our baby into the world!

We’re making a movie about some awesome people that we met a couple years ago. They have a great story. They are great people and we want the world to know about them.

3Arteries is a documentary shot primarily in Utah that tells the story of three friends, one with a failing kidney, and their journey through organ transplantation. The mission of the film is to raise awareness of living donation, to ultimately save more lives.

Who are we?
We are three friends who have spent over 10 years working together on various video projects. Sue is the producer and director, Al is the DP, and Beth has the big job - she’s the editor. We love animals and music, and we love each other.

When is this happening?
The film is currently in post-production with tentative release in Fall of 2019. The time frame for this internship is eight months, beginning in May 2019, and ending when the film is released at the end of 2019.

What do we want you to do?
CREATE. KICK-ASS. CONTENT. - That’s really it in a nutshell, but here’s the fine print:

  • Figure out our audience and what they like, and how they like it

  • Create killer content (see above)

  • Make people want to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign, buy lots of TMTF music and see the film.

  • Help maintain the website

  • Post on all social channels and tell us where else we should be

  • Love our story and tell the world

  • Be influential

  • Believe in the power of organ donation

  • Become a huge fan of The Moth & The Flame (TMTF)

  • Post like crazy

  • Manage the messaging on our social channels


  • Be on social

  • Be GREAT at social

  • Know how to build a huge network on social

  • CREATE. KICK-ASS. CONTENT! (there’s a theme here…)

  • Know a lot about Google analytics and SEO

  • Have some sass

  • Like the Foo Fighters

  • Be able to prove all of the above