September 15, 2018 • 1p - 3p
$10 / hour.

Scioto Grove Metro Park
5172 Jackson Pike,
Grove City, OH 43123.

I am DJ-ing a wedding that requires additional technical assistance. 
1) Hours are from 1p - 3p (Please arrive at 1p at this address Scioto Grove Metro Park - 5172 Jackson Pike, Grove City, OH 43123...earlier the better)
2) From 1p - 1:45p, the DJAT will help me set up my equipment for the reception.
3) From 1:45p - 2:30p, the DJAT will need to stay back in the reception ballroom while I  produce audio for the bride's Wedding Ceremony
4) At 2:30p - 2:45p, the DJAT will need to be ready to receive a text message/phone call from me signaling to them to start playing the cocktail music for the bride's wedding reception. The bridal party will go take pictures while the guests will slowly start to pour in to the ballroom (PLEASE HAVE YOUR PHONE ON AT ALL TIMES DURING THESE TWO HOURS) 5) I will meet back with the DJAT and after I get myself checked back in for the reception, the DJAT will be able to leave no later than 3pm

Couple of things I'm looking for:

• I want someone that is serious, reliable and mature, that I can build a work relationship with. This won't be the last time I will need help and this won't be the last time you'd get paid. 

• ABSOLUTELY no alcohol drinking, swearing, or smoking of any kind (vapes, hookah pens, cigarettes, marijuana etc.) during these two hours. If it happens, I will have to contact Groove U and report the incident. Basically please behave yourself and act professional; You're going to be at someone's wedding!

• Please dress in a button down/tie for Men - Sunday's Best for Women (like you're going to your friend or family's wedding)