Money will buy a pretty good dog., but it will not buy the wag of its tail.
— Josh Billings


I can teach the rules of 30+ board games.


Courses Instructed

Over the last several years I've been a student, a restaurant manager, a cashier, and a package handler among other things. At the time these jobs were never what I wanted, and I hoped for something else. Currently, I'm a sign painter, freelance artist and animation & design instructor. As I move forward, so does my destination. No matter where I am in life, I want to improve and it's important to respect each step that led to the present. Today I'm a professional artist, but it doesn't necessarily feel like it. Maybe it will tomorrow, but then my sight will be set even higher.

TERM 3.0

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These days I'm attempting to learn guitar. In school I played baritone and trumpet