Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
— Judy Garland


I compulsively harmonize with every song on the radio, so much so that I usually forget the melody to popular songs. To this day I can never remember how the melody to Somewhere Over a Rainbow actually goes. 


At four years old I was singing opera (very badly) from sun up to sun down. My parents used to say what a shame it was for someone who loved to sing so much to have such a terrible voice. After a few voice lessons and some more appropriate repertoire, it turned out I was actually pretty good. In high school I started writing songs and playing at coffee shops. Despite everyone’s best advice I decided to be a music major and accept my fate as a starving musician. Once I started college at Otterbein University I learned it didn’t have to be this way for musicians and creatives. I learned through a combination of college, mentors and pure luck, that there were opportunities in the music industry that no one had told me about. Since then, it is my passion to guide other young musicians as they find their path in this industry through GROOVE U. 



I write songs and I sing. I am also moderately decent at the guitar, piano, bass, flute, and kazoo.

You can catch me singing and kazoo-ing as both a solo artist or with my girl band, The Salty Caramels.