Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
— Albert Einstein


Before I graduated high school, I had broken the same collar bone (my left one) 3 times: playing tag in the winter and falling on the frozen ground, falling off my bike, and getting kicked in the shoulder during a soccer game (I was the goalie).


Courses Instructed

While pursuing a traditional music degree, it became apparent that the technical side of music was my calling. Post-college I spent a decade managing and using all manner of sound systems and even spent 8 years on tour. It was apparent to me though that I enjoyed transferring the knowledge of what I learned to other people. Since 2009 I have operated a church consulting business that educates those without any formal training while continuing to work in live-audio as a free-lance audio engineer for artists, production companies and venues.

TERM 3.0

MUS 420 • music | the live event



I can quickly jump behind any live console and build a mix. I also like recording bands and singer-songwriters.