Competitions are for horses, not artists
— Bela Bartok


I enjoy playing with my two Scottie Dogs when I am not performing or doing music activities.


Courses Instructed

Through my years working with musicians, writing and recording music and touring around the United States I found so many musicians out there that needed help with their careers. I started BOLT Records in 2011 to fill the need for those musicians who could not get reliable information about how to be a serious musician that wants to get to the next level. I had so many people willing to help me when I was starting out and asking questions about the industry. I believe it is my turn to give back and help others who are interested and want to work hard. My vision for my company is to work with original artists that have great songs and musicianship and find the fans who are looking for new music.

TERM 3.0

MUS 406 • music | the artist



I am a multi-instrumentalist primarily a bassist, but plays, guitar, piano, and flute. I write and record original music and love helping others in their own music.