It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.
— Captain Jean Luc Picard


I'm from Canada. 


Courses Instructed

I graduated Otterbien College with a bachelor's in Music and Business, focusing in audio production. After failing to find a proper job I worked part time at a church doing live sound, and out of desperation was able to build that position into a full time graphics, sound, and video position. Out of this my production company "Feikert Creative" was born. Though this company I have been able to create video with brands like Tanger Outlets, Heidelburg University, The Ohio Chamber of Commerce, and The Ohio State University; as well as film over 50+ weddings in places like Columbus, Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, And Ontario. 

In my spare time I write music under the Psudonym "Bearded Wisdom" and direct/DP shorts in the Columbus area. I also love to backpack and climb mountains. 

To this day I continue to work in the field. I have worked with local, national, and even international acts both in the studio and on stage, and I bring these experiences and networks to every class I teach.

TERM 3.0

MUS 424 • music | the video production

Term 4.0

MUS 409 • music | the video postproduction

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I write tunes while playing guitar, drums, clarinet, and bagpipes.