Do or do not. There is no try.
— Yoda


Every time I go overseas I meet someone from the US that I know.

Every. Time.


Courses Instructed

In college I was on-track to becoming a music teacher when I joined a band with record label interest. That began an amazing experience of seeing the inside of the industry first-hand, and during our recording sessions I found myself spending as much time as I could with the engineers. When the band broke up I knew I wanted to be at the console more than I wanted to be on stage. As time progressed I realized I missed education and I wanted to teach the next generation the things I had to learn the hard way. I believe that the best teachers are those who have been in the subject, and I try to bring my experiences to every class I teach.

To this day I continue to work in the field. I have worked with local, national, and even international acts both in the studio and on stage, and I bring these experiences and networks to every class I teach.

TERM 1.0

MUS 302 • music | the digital domain

TERM 2.0

MUS 304 • music | the concert

TERM 3.0

MUS 402 • music | the acoustics

TERM 4.0

MUS 402 • music | the finale
MUS 404 • music | the mix and the master



I am a bass player that sometimes accidentally plays guitar.