Learning is the key to a well lived life.
— unknown


Anything mechanical fascinates me.


Courses Instructed

I live for the challenge. While attending Miami University, my music roots spread form being a part time musician to the technical support for bands. By the last semester of my senior year, I convinced my professors that I could meet the graduation requirements while being on tour. They agreed and I was graduated with a degree in history and a minor in education. After a short time in the restaurant industry, I was pulled back to music with the founding of a recording studio and a small sales floor.  Being part of the music was the driving force and soon there was a rental inventory as well.  Sound Advocate grew into Stage Tech, Stage Tech grew into Live Technologies, all the while learning what the next steps were to grow a business and support the talented folks that made up our family. The importance of staying current with the technology and keeping current with industry trends has provided a stimulating environment to work in.

TERM 4.0

MUS 402 • music | the finale 

MUS 407 • music | the install