Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin


My eight time great grandfather rode with Paul Revere and they didn't yell the "British are Coming" because they all were British — it would have been just another drunk guy on a horse if the fables about the ride were true. 


Courses Instructed

When I was in school I hated teachers that read me the textbook and had more interest in their lunch plans or research projects than me as a person struggling to understand the nuances of life after school.

I started teaching as a tutor in high school and then teacher's assistant in college to help students like me discover new ways of thinking and organize what they already knew into usable practices.

As a consultant to leading healthcare systems, state agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations, my primary role was a teacher and coach.  As time permitted and opportunities appeared I started to teach more and more.  My diversity of experiences and compassion for students on their journey created opportunities to teach courses from Sociology to Finance to Strategic Planning to Quantitative Analysis to a wide variety of Marketing courses.  All along the way, the goal it to tap into what students are interested in and motivated by to tie down the technical information within their own existing understandings of what's important and engaging.

I came to GROOVE U three years ago with a belief that teaching business principles connected to an industry of interest was a great opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of GROOVE U students long after graduation.  My real compensation is seeing the transformation of students from my first encounter through the graduation ceremony through the calls I get for help with job assignments.

TERM 1.0

BUS 315 • business | the fundamentals

TERM 3.0

BUS 401 • business | the entrepreneur

TERM 4.0

MUS 402 • music | the finale



My special skills are not so much musical, but landscape design and botanical. Which at it's core is musical.