• Shaker Heights Public Library (map)
  • 16500 Van Aken Boulevard
  • Shaker Heights, OH, 44120
  • United States

Careers In Music

September 25 @ 6:00PM

GROOVE U, in partnership with Acceptd, invites students considering a career in music and their families to join us for an evening of lively discussion and refreshments. Learn the right questions to ask the right colleges before you attend the right college visits.

Just the facts.


  • An exposure to the many different careers available in music

  • A discussion of the paths a student can take to achieve career goals

  • A sharing of facts and figures concerning employment in music and the media arts

  • An overview of different types of music and media arts programs available through higher education institutions

  • A breakdown of higher education options, outcomes, and length

  • A detailing of next steps as your student explores and applies to college music or media arts programs

  • An outlining of long term career planning


  • A pitch for GROOVE U or any particular program/service

  • A recruiting event for GROOVE U or any other program/service

  • A means of persuading or dissuading any student from pursuing music as a career

Location: Shaker Heights Public Library: Meeting Room G