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Masterclass w/ Tony McClung

April 3, 2019

Tony McClung is one of the most respected musicians in the Columbus music community. Best known as the driving force behind the legendary Hoodoo Soul Band, Tony has a long resume of recordings and performances in numerous genres with numerous artists.

In this presentation we will be exploring how to think of the drum set in different styles from the perspective of both the player and the recording engineer. Topics covered include:

• Micing techniques for different genres
• The roles of each part of the drum kit in each genre
• Standard grooves to use in your productions
• How the grooves connect to the rest of the band

Whether you are a drummer, a recording engineer, or just a music fan this event is not to be missed!

Tony in his own words:
“I guess you could say that I was born into a bluegrass family in West Virginia. My uncle played with Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, and many other bluegrass legends. My rebellion was to play drums. After living in Atlanta and DC, I moved to Columbus in 1989. I was a couple of weeks away from moving to New York years ago when I found out my first child was on the way so I stayed here. I still have been fortunate to get to play with some of the best musicians in the world as Columbus is unreasonably rich in talent. I have been able to make a living playing and doing sessions my whole time here. I have been on national jazz and rock releases, a tribute to Joe Satriani/Steve Vai, and national and international jingles covering everything from McDonald’s to Napa Auto Parts. I love good music regardless of style. I would relish playing original stuff on my jazz projects, insanely difficult covers with Popgun and Hoodoo, and everything in between.”