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Write | Record | Release | Play

April 10, 2013
@6:00 PM

All Access Pass: Recording Behind the Scenes
Weds, 6-9 pm, 4/10 – 4/24 (Adults; High school students may enroll)

Take the controls and explore the real world of audio recording in this three session workshop. The interactive format introduces you to basic recording and mixing techniques in a high-end digital studio setting. Get hands-on experience with microphones, software synthesizers and other current music-making equipment while learning firsthand about the sound engineering that goes on behind the scenes in a recording booth. Final project: the group collaborates to record a song from start to finish. Register online.

Music Video 101: Start to Finish Production
Tues, 6-9 pm, 5/7 – 5/21 (Adults; High school students may enroll)

A truly unique hands-on opportunity to jump into every aspect of this exciting and creative song-delivery medium! Experience the full-on fun of brainstorming, planning, shooting and editing an original music video. Wear the hat in all roles of the production: in front of the camera, behind the camera and every step in between. The group’s final product is uploaded on the web so full bragging rights can be enjoyed by all. Register online.

From Journal to Song: A Creative Journey
Tues, 6-8 pm, 5/14 – 5/28 (Adults; High school students may enroll)

Ever write something and say “that would make a great song title?” Do you have journals and notebooks filled with snippets of unfinished writing, poems or jotted-down phrases? Or are you just interested in the songwriting process? Join local songwriter, and member of The Salty Caramels girl band, Sarah Overdier, for an interactive overview of the process of creating song lyrics. In a collaborative format, discuss the creative process, explore how to recognize ideas that work well with music, and then convert your journal entries into a finished song. This is how Taylor Swift got started! Bring your writings. No musical experience necessary. Register online.