Make music and work at it.
— Plato


I remember the day I fell in love with sound  — it was 1977 at a drive-in theatre in Colorado and the movie was Star Wars. 

That spark propelled me on a musical journey that continues today –– starting with classical piano and theory, discovering MIDI programming in the 80's, pursuing a record label deal and becoming an audio engineer in the 90's, becoming a music technology educator at Capital University and an author; and most recently, working in the post-production world of sound design, sound editing, and film composition.

Sound engages us like no other sense can. Sound is story-telling; it's communication. My twenty plus years in the music industry have taught me that good audio doesn't happen on its own. It takes technical skill, focused training, team work, passion and perseverance... it's a craft.  

The world of audio is eclectic as it is fun, but the learning never stops. These are the lessons I bring to my work and strive to pass on to my students. 


I was a VJ for a top-ten music show in 90's Tokyo.


I play piano, most woodwind instruments, and melodic percussion. I also play Mac, mixing console, Pro Tools, and Digital Performer.

My "stranded on a desert island" record.

My "stranded on a desert island" record.

Steve Thomas, Instructor | Audio

Steve Thomas, Instructor | Audio

Courses instructed


TERM 2.0

MUS 202 • music | the process 

TERM 3.0

MUS 304 • music | the studio recording

TERM 4.0

MUS 402 • music | the finale