The letter of the law is the body, the sense and reason of the law is the soul
— Edmund Plowden


I started playing guitar in grade school, shortly after hearing "Walk This Way" for the first time.  My instructor wanted to teach classical, and I wanted AC/DC riffs.  I regret not following his path more, but instead I left his teachings in 5th grade and meandered my way through rock for a decade.  I played music as a teen and in my twenties, sometimes dropping out of college if classes conflicted with band practice.  I toured, was signed to a major label, dropped by said label, and finally went back to school.  I finished college and law school cum laude. I continued to be active with music and eventually went into artist management.  That's where I'm at today.  I practice law (including music law) and help artists with their careers.  

Did you know that...

I can wiggle my ears.


I play bass guitar. 

My "stranded on a desert island" record.

My "stranded on a desert island" record.

Steve McGann, Instructor | Business

Steve McGann, Instructor | Business

Courses instructed


TERM 3.0

MUS 301 • music | the law
MUS 306 • music | the artist