Music Video Instructor

GROOVE U, post-secondary music industry career program, is seeking an adjunct music video instructor. GROOVE U focuses on a career-centered approach to learning developed by active industry professionals. This instructor may teach the following course(s):

MUS 304 • music | the video – Survey of video production, includes: software (FinalCut, ProTools), hardware (video studio, cameras, lighting) and theory.

MUS 424 • music | the video production— The shooting process, includes: filming in multiple formats with sound stages, backlot, location grip trucks, and advanced lighting/sound techniques.

MUS 409 • music | the video postproduction – The editing processes, includes: additional dialogue, sound effects, music, visual effects, and titles; compression technology and formats. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design and deliver course content based on tangible learning outcomes real on-the-job scenarios. 
  • Coordinate with other instructors to include cross-class collaborative projects. 
  • Relate course content to real-world industry experiences by continued professional development, and involvement in the industry.
  • Promote student success by demonstrating flexibility in teaching style and learning processes. 
  • Support GROOVE U students and faculty at occasional campus events.
  • Attend regularly scheduled faculty meetings to review curriculum and discuss student progress.
  • Manage the learning environment by keeping accurate attendance records, submitting grades on time, and enforcing campus academic procedures outlined in the GROOVE U Student Handbook and Course Catalog. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Video Production, Communications or related field.
  • At least 10 years industry experience in video production or related field(s). 
  • Experience as senior management or owner of a small business.
  • At least two years instructional experience at a post-secondary education institution, preferred. 

Required Skills 

  • Experience with Final Cut X, iMovie, Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve
  • Experience with Mac OSX and iWork Suite.
  • Experience with ProTools, or other audio production software
  • Experience in Squarespace, Wordpress, or other web-design platform.
  • Experience with online learning tools, ie: Google Drive, iTunes U, Flipboard, Engrade etc. (preferred, but not required). 

Interested candidates should complete the online Employment Application and email their resume and cover letter with the subject  "Music Video Instructor”.