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I started playing guitar in the 5th grade, and this gave me a jump start into my lifelong love of music. The following year I joined the middle school band and started studying percussion. Throughout high school, I performed in every instrumental ensemble that my school offered: Symphonic, Concert, Jazz, and Marching Band. I also participated in Percussion Ensemble and played percussion in the pit for the school musicals. At the same time I was playing in Punk Rock and Alternative bands on guitar, vocals, and drums. These early musical experiences gave me a great appreciation of all types of music, from Gustav Holst to The Sex Pistols. I was lucky enough to also take 3 years of Music Theory at my high school, which has proven invaluable in all of my music endeavors. You'd be surprised at how happy a guitar player is when the drummer is correcting their theory! I went on to study Music Education at Ohio University, and continued to perform in all of the ensembles that I could, while playing in the bars and clubs on the weekends in a blues trio. After a few years, I realized that with this formal 4 year degree, I'd end up being a High School band director. This is not the future that I wanted. Though I LOVE the Marching Arts, I did not want to do this full time. A few years later, I completed my degree in Applied Business (Music Industry) with certifications in Performance and Music Business Management. In 2010, I had my first piece of Percussion Ensemble music formally published and released worldwide. It was premiered at The Midwest Clinic, an international band and orchestra conference held each year in Chicago. I am an active performer, writer and arranger, and am always open for new musical experiences. Recently, I had the honor of arranging the Percussion music to be performed at halftime of the 2015 Peach Bowl.


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I still buy CDs, and they are all in alphabetical order on my shelf.


Drums. I love to play and teach drum set. But, I also LOVE writing and teaching for Drumline. I currently write music for Drumlines all over Ohio, including the Ohio University Marching Band, of which I am an alumni.

My "stranded on a desert island" record.

My "stranded on a desert island" record.

Mike Eubanks, Instructor | Private Lessons

Mike Eubanks, Instructor | Private Lessons

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