Katie Dotson

Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be.
— Clementine Paddleford


From when I was a child, everything about music captivated me. I remember sitting in my room writing and recording songs everyday with the intention of music one day becoming my calling in life. Even as I graduated Hilliard Darby High School right here in Columbus Ohio, my passion for music never stifled and I knew that this was the direction that I should follow in my life. However, with many prominent colleges and institutions offering a dated take on music curriculum my dreams of making a living off of music almost came to a halt.

That's when I found GROOVE U.

GROOVE U presented me with the unique opportunity of learning contemporary music skills from industry professionals in a small and intimate setting. As well as offering me a very straightforward, hands-on approach to Music Production, GROOVE U gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence to jump right into the music industry as soon as I graduated. Now I feel as though I am in a position where I have the ability to do what I love and pay my bills. I don’t know many people who can honestly say they love doing what they do every day and I feel very lucky that GROOVE U helped me get there. 

Class of 2014 • Audio Production

Class of 2014 • Audio Production



Audio Engineer • Install Technician

My "stranded on a desert island" record.

My "stranded on a desert island" record.


I write and produce my own songs for commercial use.