You're not made up of numbers
and neither are our processes.
5 simple steps to 1 bright music industry future.


Whether it's just checking out our Creative Campus or formally starting your music industry career, your first step should be to complete our online Information Request Form. This “gets you in the system” and allows us to provide you with the best information.

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2. Visit

Attending a "Backstage @GROOVE U" information session on our Creative Campus is probably the best way for you to see what we are all about. Plus, these often coincide with a cool campus event. If a scheduled information session doesn’t work for you, we can arrange a private session as well. 

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3. Apply

If you believe we are the right choice for you in music industry education, your next step is to complete the online Student Application Form. When you submit this form, we need a non-refundable $55.00 Student Application Fee. Combined, these two items allow us to start gathering the necessary information and schedule our the Interview.

ACT and/or SAT results are helpful in making an admission decision. After reviewing your test scores and transcripts, we may request a writing sample from you. 

There are no audition requirements, and your aptitude as  a musician or an artist is not a factor for admission. However, you may optionally submit recorded (audio or video) demo material.

We do believe that those who have the best opportunities for success in the music industry are also musicians and artists. Every full-time student enrolled with us is also enrolled in private lessons. These lessons increase musical aptitude and give our students an edge in the music industry.

Late Student Application Fee

For applications submitted after April 15, 2018.
Required before your application is processed.

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4. Interview

Just like you, we're unique. That's why you have a one-on-one interview with a staff member as part of the admission process. It’s not an interrogation, it’s a conversation. You should also quiz us about any remaining questions you have about being a student at with us. Our job is to help you determine whether or not we are the best fit. Following the interview, you will be asked to compose an in-person entrance essay to help us gauge your writing level. 

This is also a great time for the prospective student to bring all outstanding documentation required to complete the application. You should budget 1.5–2.5 hours, depending upon individual requirements and comfort level.

After you complete the Interview and after we receive all necessary documentation, we conduct an internal review of your entire application. This process typically takes 7-10 days.

If we feel you will succeed here with us and beyond, we will send you an acceptance letter via USPS mail. It may be that we feel it just won't work out for both of us, and if that's the case we also notify you via USPS that we don't believe we are good fit for you right now.

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5. enroll

After you receive your acceptance letter, we require a non-refundable $195.00 Student Tuition Deposit within 30 days to reserve your spot in our next graduating class.

We fill-up classes on a rolling basis, so if want a seat in the fall it's best to get this deposit in early. If we do not receive your tuition deposit after you are accepted, we do not enroll you. 

Once we receive your Student Tuition Deposit, we will notify you via email of your official enrollment. We're going to ask you to tweet @grooveu, so make sure you are following us on Twitter.  

After that, we conduct most communication via email in order to be as environmentally responsible as possible. So make sure you are regularly checking your email for details about about student housing, financial aid, student orientation, special events, etc.

Student Tuition Deposit

Required before you are considered enrolled.

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Transfer students

Maybe you've tried another college and decided it wasn't the right fit. Or maybe you arrived late at the decision that a music industry career was the career for you.

Regardless, even though our classes are unique we aren't about to shake you down and have you repeat courses unnecessarily. 

If you're serious about getting a real-world music industry education and are considering transferring, we've got you covered. Once accepted as our student, we will walk you through our Transfer Credit Evaluation process.

If you've already been studying the music industry at another college, contact us directly and we can advise you on the best academic term for your transfer.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee

Required before your transfer credit is evaluated.

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